CCCHP FY19/20 Grant Cycle

Final Awards for FY19-20

The Office received 25 applications.  This grant cycle is closed.  All bond proceeds have been awarded.  All applications are public records and are posted at the bottom of this page. 

Memo to Applicants

The Commission encourages all applicants to read the CCCHP Grant Manual before preparing any application. This grant cycle will have $2,850,000 available for awards.  For any questions about the application or the CCCHP program please contact:

    Carla Hitchcock, Grants and Projects Analyst, 775-684-3441 or chitchcock [at]

The CCCHP Application is composed of three parts:

  • Part I: The Cover Page.  This provides the Commission with a concise overview of who is proposing the project, where it is located, what it is intended to achieve, and how much it will cost.  This must be submitted as only a one-page document with the application packet.

  • Part II: The narrative section and should describe your project in detail.

  • Part III: The Budget section.  A detailed project budget is necessary to provide the Commission with information needed to evaluate applications.  In addition, this information may be used later, in preparation of funding agreements between the Commission and the Grantees.  The Budget form is provided in two versions: Word Version and Excel Version.

If you require a hard copy of the application, please contact the office or chitchcock [at]

CCCHP schedule for the submission of materials:

  • Friday, November 1, 2019   Letter of Intent due.  This is for applicants new to the program or new buildings from prior grantees.

  • Friday, February 28, 2020   Applications due in the SHPO Carson City office or must be postmarked by this date
  • June 3-4, 2020    Grant Hearing

The Commission will review all CCCHP applications using the Commissioner Review Form.  We recommend that applicants review this document and ensure that their application addresses these issues. 

CCCHP Forms for the 2019-2020 grant cycle. 

Applications Received for the FY19-20 cycle (Application #, Building Name, and Organization):

  • CCCHP-19-01, Ely Latter Day Saints Stake Tabernacle, White Pine Community Choir Association
  • CCCHP-19-02, Fourth Ward School, Historic Fourth Ward School Foundation
  • CCCHP-19-03, Miner’s Cabin, Comstock Cemetery Foundation 
  • CCCHP-19-04, Lani and Repetto Saloon, Eureka Brewery, Charles Lautenschlager Building, Eureka Restoration Enterprise
  • CCCHP-19-05, Nevada State Prison, Nevada State Prison Preservation Society
  • CCCHP-19-06, Red House Historic Site, Nevada Division of State Parks
  • CCCHP-19-07, Carson Brewing Company Building, Brewery Arts Center
  • CCCHP-19-08, St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church, Brewery Arts Center
  • CCCHP-19-09, Fallon Theatres, Fallon Community Theatre, Inc
  • CCCHP-19-10, Dangberg Home Ranch, Friends of Dangberg Home Ranch
  • CCCHP-19-11, Reno First United Methodist Church, Reno First United Methodist Church
  • CCCHP-19-12, St. Marie Louise Hospital, St. Mary's Art Center
  • CCCHP-19-13, Cumley-Richardson House and Greinstein Building and St. Mary's Episcopal Church , North Central Nevada Historical Society
  • CCCHP-19-14, Douglas County Courthouse Genoa, Douglas County Historical Society
  • CCCHP-19-15, Carson & Colorado Railroad Depot, Lyon County
  • CCCHP-19-16, Tonopah Historic Mining Park, Tonopah Historic Mining Park Foundation
  • CCCHP-19-17, Transportation Building, Nevada Northern Railway Foundation, Inc
  • CCCHP-19-18, McGill Depot, Nevada Northern Railway Foundation, Inc
  • CCCHP-19-19, Ely City Hall, City of Ely
  • CCCHP-19-20, Goldfield High School, Goldfield Historical Society
  • CCCHP-19-21, The Pioneer Hotel Building, Western Folklife Center, Inc.
  • CCCHP-19-22, Carlin School House, Carlin Historical Society
  • CCCHP-19-23, La Concha Motel Lobby, Neon Museum
  • CCCHP-19-24, George Whittell Jr. Estate Thunderbird Lodge, Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society
  • CCCHP-19-25, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Western Missionary Museum Corporation