Historic Preservation Fund Subgrants FY22

In accordance with the requirements of our federal grant, we will hold a public meeting on September 30, 2022 at 10:00am.  This will be an opportunity for the public to provide its comment on whether the NSHPO should awarded any, a portion, or all of their requested funds to the following applications received by the deadline identified below:


City of Las Vegas Twin Lakes Area Historic Context and Reconnaissance Level Survey

City of Reno Update the City of Reno, NV Downtown Historic Surveys and Inventories Database

The grant cycle is closed.

Below you will find two separate subgrant applications for FY22.   CLGs may submit applications for both FORUM travel and another project that meets one of the priorities identified for FY22 here.  Projects meeting the priorities are preferred and will recieve additional scoring points when evaluated by SHPO staff.  We encourage you to review the Subgrant Manual before completing any application for an HPF subgrant. Application #1 is due by June 1, 2022.  Application #2 is due by August 31, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact: Carla Cloud, Grants and Projects Analyst, 775-684-3441 or by email at ccloud [at] shpo.nv.gov.

Application #1, Public Education Program Area, FORUM TRAVEL only: We encourage all CLG staff, commission members, and elect officials to attend the upcoming National Alliance of Preservation Commissions' biennial conference FORUM in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 13-17, 2022.  The SHPO has set aside $45,000 to support CLG travel.  This is the only national conference focused on the issues facing local historic preservation commissions and historic districts. This biennial conference offers dozens of educational sessions and discussion panels, mobile workshops and tours, and five days of non-stop networking for staff and volunteers representing local, state and national organizations and government agencies. 

Application #2, All Other Program Areas:  This application will be used for all program areas except Public Education (e.g., Planning, Survey and Inventory, National Register, Documentation, and Pre-Development and Development).  The SHPO has set aside $50,000 for subgrants to support all other program areas in FY22.