Associated Forms

A variety of forms are typically included as part of the consultation effort associated with federal and state cultural resource compliance, including Section 106 and Section 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).  These forms are used by agencies and consultants to document and evaluate cultural resources. Different forms are used for architectural and engineered features as opposed to archaeological resources.  Cultural resource consultants are encouraged to inquire of their clients which forms are used by that land management agency or authority.  

With very few exceptions, most agencies in Nevada record architectural resources on two forms provided by Nevada State Historic Preservation Office (NVSHPO). For individual architectural/engineered resources, professionals or members of the public can use the Architectural Resource Assessment (or ARA) Form. Historic districts (architectural, archaeological, or both) can be recorded on the District Resource Assessment Form. Archaeological resources are recorded on IMACS forms, a version of which can be found online within the BLM Guidelines.  Smithsonian trinomials (for archaeological resources) and SHPO Resource Numbers (for architectural and engineered features) are assigned by Nevada Cultural Resource Information System (NVCRIS) Coordinator, Annie Hershey, at ahershey [at]  Before completing and submitting IMACS, ARA, or other resource documentation, applicants and their consultants should secure resource numbers from the NVCRIS Coordinator.

The ARA Form, District RA, and instructions for their use are available for download below. The forms are available in both Microsoft Word and Fillable PDF Format, depending on preference.

As noted above, in addition to the forms described here, some federal agencies have their own agency-specific documentation forms and numbering systems.  If uncertain what form to use--and whether there is an agency-specific form that one should be using--the SHPO refers the applicant and their consultant(s) back to their federal agency for the resolution of those questions.

Forms and Instructions

Coversheet Checklist –  While its use is not required, many users find the coversheet checklist particularly useful in organizing their submissions.  This form is a MS Word "fillable" form into which agencies and their consultants can directly enter most project information. 

Coversheet Instructions  –  provides further explanation of each component of the Coversheet

ARA Form (Word Version) – use for all architectural/engineered resources and non-archaeological sites (parks, fields, etc.)

ARA Form (Fillable PDF Version) – same as above, for those who prefer PDF

District RA Form (Word Version) – use for all historic districts (architectural, archaeological, or districts with both resources types).

District RA Form (Fillable PDF Version) – same as above, for those who prefer PDF

One-page Reconnaissance Survey Form  - The SHPO has a reconnaissance survey form available for certain survey types—please inquire. 

Continuation Sheet PDF – If using the PDF version of the form, use this form to add information that may not fit on the fillable PDF forms.

Instructions for the Architectural Resource Assessment Form – instructions for filling out both the ARA and District RA Forms.

Nevada Companion Bibliography – a helpful guide to resources on Nevada history, and local/regional/national architectural history. 

Intermountain Antiquities Computer System (IMACS) - Location of the original IMACS forms. 

IMACS forms - Please consult with the appropriate federal or state agency for any updates to these forms.