Historic Preservation Fund Subgrants

Every year, the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) awards subgrants from the state’s annual Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) award.  Due to limited federal funds, these subgrants are only available to Certified Local Governments (CLG).  In addition, the subgrant award process is very competitive. 

Subgrants can support public education, surveys, planning, archaeological investigations, and building rehabilitation.  Examples of successful subgrant-funded projects are available upon request.  Private property owners are not eligible.  Resources must be listed in the National Register of Historic Places to be eligible for grant-assisted rehabilitation projects.  HPF subgrant funds are supplied by the National Park Service (NPS) and come from offshore oil and gas lease fees.

Information, applications, and grant manuals for individual subgrant years or rounds can be found  by clicking on the links below:

Fiscal Year 2024

Fiscal Year 2023

Fiscal Year 2022

Fiscal Year 2021

Fiscal Year 2020

Fiscal Year 2019 - Round #2

**SHPO review of HPF Subgrant Covenants**:

If your property has a covenant placed on the deed as a result of an HPF subgrant for development to rehabilitate the structure, you will need to obtain permission from this office to conduct any structural or visual modifications to that property.

        Form to request permission to undertake modifications, Word Version

        Form to request permission to undertaking modifications, PDF Version