The Nevada Site Stewardship Program

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Nevada has a rich and intriguing past, including more than 10,000 years of cultural history and 540 million years of paleontological deposits. As Nevada’s population continues to press into public lands, it is more important than ever to protect Nevada’s cultural and paleontological resources from vandalism, looting, natural damage, and other inadvertent activities. Federal, state and local governent land managers need your help to monitor and protect these resources so they can be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The Nevada Site Stewardship Program (NSSP) is a state-run organization of volunteers that share a commitment to the preservation of archaeological (at least 100 years old), historic (at least 50 years old), and paleontological resources. The NSSP provides an opportunity for concerned citizens to visit these sites on a quarterly basis and report the condition of these resources to land managers.  

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Stewards' Watch, the Nevada Site Stewardship Program Blog

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If, as a general citizen, you would like to REPORT DAMAGE to an archaeological or historic cultural site in Nevada, please click here