Historical Societies

Historical societies and non-profits are dedicated to researching, interpreting, and preserving local history. There are historical societies and dedicated non-profits all over the state with many being associated with museums. A great way to become involved is to ATTEND an event or lecture, VOLUNTEER your services, and INVOLVE your family and friends with learning about and preserving local history.

ATTEND- historical societies and non-profits hold lecture series, organize reenactments of events, provide interpreted exhibits, lead historic tours, and more.

VOLUNTEER- these societies and non-profits often have little funds to operate with and your skills and time are valuable.

INVOLVE- historical societies and non-profits exist to generate public interest in the preservation of local history. Inviting others to attend events, volunteer their time, and support these organizations is important to their continued existence.


Beatty Museum and Historical Society 

Carson City Historical Society 

Douglas County Historical Society 

Friends of Gem Theater 

Goldfield Historical Society

Goodsprings Historical Society 

Henderson Historical Society 

Historical Society of Dayton Valley 

Las Vegas Historical Society 

Nevada Historical Society 

White Pine Museum