Visual Effects Analysis

Visual Effects Analysis


Electric Transmission Visibility and Visual Contrast Threshold Distances in Western Landscapes

Guide to Evaluating Visual Impact Assessments for Renewable Energy Projects (Natural Resource Report NPS/ARD/NRR—2014/83)

Wyoming BLM Protocol Agreement, Appendix C Guidance on the Assessment of Setting


Not Recommended:

The Nevada SHPO does not recommend the use of the document titled Defining a Visual Area of Potential Effects to Historic Properties on BLM Lands in Nevada (Pay, 2020).  After our through review of this document, we note that it contains numerous flaws in its methodology and significant errors in interpreting the regulations found in 36 CFR Part 800.  These were identified to the federal agency responsible for developing the document in a letter from the Nevada SHPO dated June 18, 2021.  To date, there have been no revisions to this document.