While SHPO's Review and Compliance staff are pleased to offer workshops, mini-boot camps, or even talk applicants through the process via conference call or meetings, there are a tremendous number of formal and informal, fee-based and/or cost-free, training opportunities available from a number of different agencies who specialize in such training programs.

Several national organizations regularly offer valuable training ranging from hour-long webinars, to day-long and/or multi-day workshops. Available training covers a broad swath of topics, and may be resource-specific (e.g., cultural landscapes, TCPs, bridges, mid-20th century resources, etc.), skill-specific (e.g., digital photography, cemetery marker care and maintenance, repairing historic windows), law-specific, and are geared to differing levels of expertise. To explore the range of training opportunities available nationally, one should consult the websites of the following organizations:

On the local scene, both the Nevada Preservation Foundation and the California Preservation Foundation regularly host webinars, talks, and other informative events that may be of interest to applicants, consultants, and a range of individuals involved directly and/or tangentially in compliance.