Nevada State Register of Historic Places

Created in 1979 by the Nevada Legislature, the Nevada State Register (or NVSRHP) is an official list kept by the Nevada State Historic Preservation Office of places and resources worthy of preservation (NRS 383.085). These resources reflect history, architecture, archaeology, and culture that are important to Nevadans. The Nevada State Register recognizes those places in the state that have significance to the past in a local, state, or national context, and possess good physical integrity to the period during which they were important. To be eligible, a resource can be a building, structure, site, or object. They can also be a larger landscape, or a collection of resources known as an historic district. Check out the links and documents below for more information about what the State Register does, how it works, and the benefits of listing a resource in the State Register. 

For a list of all resources listed in the Nevada State Register, click here.

How to Apply for Listing in the State Register

Applying for listing in the Nevada State Register is an important way to recognize important places, but does require some time and effort to assemble the necessary documentation. Before embarking on a nomination, applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the State Register Coordinator, complete the screening questionnaire, and provide a brief history and current photographs of the property. If the property appears eligible for the State Register, the Coordinator will provide a blank nomination form and a written response with research and writing guidance to you. You will also want to download and consult the Nevada State Register Program Guidelines for more information.

Still have questions? Check out these Frequently Asked Questions about the Nevada State Register. 


For questions about the the Nevada State Register of Historic Places, or to begin the nomination process for a property please contact:

Jean-Guy Tanner Dubé
National and State Register Coordinator
Nevada State Historic Preservation Office
jean.dube [at]


901 S. Stewart St., Suite 5004
Carson City, NV 89701
Fax: (775) 684-3442