New Nevada Site Stewardship Program Videos

The NSSP staff has been working to make filling out and submitting monitoring reports easier.


Monitoring Forms and Photographic Logs

Several months ago, we added newly updated monitoring and photo log forms to the website. Then we added tips on how to fill out the forms and examples to address common questions and errors. And this week we have added videos on how to complete the forms.

To download the new forms and tips, you can go follow the link below:

Here are the video tutorials for completing monitoring reports and photos logs:


DBGallery Submission

Last month we announced the DBGallery database and new report submission process. You can find the guide to using DBGallery at the link below:

You will need to request the username and password from the NSSP office.

Here is a video tutorial explaining how to use DBGallery: 

We hope that these new resources assist you with your site stewardship reports. If you have any questions, please email or call the NSSP Office and we will assist you.