DBGallery: The Nevada Site Stewardship Program’s New Report Submission System

Dear Site Stewards,

We are changing the way you submit reports. We now have an online database, DBGallery, that you will log in to and upload your monitoring reports and photos. This database does a lot more for the Nevada Site Stewardship Program than providing a simple way for site stewards to submit their monitoring reports. It also:

  • Archives all the archaeological site monitoring activities in Nevada for the last 11 years.
  • Allows for the NSSP office to process your reports and share them with the federal agencies quickly and without downloading anything.
  • Enables law enforcement to download any site photos they need to process an Archaeological Resource Protection Act (ARPA) violation when the site is damaged.
  • Provides data that allows the NSSP staff and agency archaeologists to study the occurrences of major impacts, such as graffiti and looting, throughout Nevada.

Currently, the database holds the monitoring history of over 600 archaeological sites. This includes over 52,000 images and 6,500 monitoring reports.

Here are some ways you can make this archive even better!

  • Submit reports as pdfs.
  • Fully explain what you saw in the comments and concerns.
  • Submit photos of all changes (photo size is not a problem).
  • Describe your photos (either in your report or a photo log).
  • Note old vs. recent changes to the site.

Remember that when you submit reports, you are helping to create a record for future archaeologists. So please make sure that your reports and photos tell the complete story of your site visit.

Your help and time are invaluable and greatly appreciated! 

Thank you,

Samantha Rubinson
Nevada Site Stewardship Coordinator
Nevada State Historic Preservation Office

**If you would like to watch the DBGallery training video or get the latest monitoring information, please visit our Monitoring Reports page.**