Benefits of Being a Site Steward

Image of Stewardship Picnic

Appreciation Events

Annual appreciation picnics are held in May for the Reno area, in November for the Las Vegas area and in spring for stewards in Lincoln County.

Image of stewards at a workshop

Archaeology and History Events

Lectures, tours, and workshops are provided a few times a year ranging from behind the scene tours of museums to artifact identification workshops.

Image of a steward taking photos of a site

Knowing that you are contributing to the preservation of Nevada’s rich past.

The best part of stewardship is being able to enjoy the outdoors, learn about and check on your site(s), and know that you are making a difference.


If you are interested in attending a Site Stewardship Basic Training Class please contact the Nevada Site Stewardship Coordinator, Samantha Rubinson, by email or by calling (702) 486-5011.