Report Damage to Archaeological Sites in Nevada

It is very upsetting to visit a historical, archaeological, or paleontological site and find it has been damaged or altered in some way. You can easily report your findings online.

Reporting Form

The form below can be used by anyone interested in reporting damage to these sites on Federal Public Lands in Nevada. Please be as descriptive as possible.

Once this form is submitted, the information will be provided to the southern Nevada SHPO and Site Stewardship Program Office. They will provide you a confirmation email that the report was received. The impact information will then be provided to the appropriate agency officials. If more information is requested, you may be contacted by the southern Nevada SHPO, the Site Stewardship Program Office, or the appropriate land managing agency. Due to time restrictions, you will most likely not receive any other communication about the impact you reported.


Please send us photos of the damage or graffiti that you are reporting. To do so, make sure that your personal email is open and click the link provided below.  You can attach photos and write a full description of each of your photos inside the email. Thank you!

Send Photos

Damage to Site Form