Internships with the Nevada SHPO

The Nevada State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is committed to developing preservation professionals in the State of Nevada who have practical skills in applied areas of public archaeology, cultural resource management, and public history. Internship opportunities with the Nevada SHPO will explore important aspects of working as a professional in historic preservation. Historic preservation is, by its very nature, an interdisciplinary field that relies on contributions from the history, archaeology, architecture, and planning professions for its success. Internships with the Nevada SHPO will provide an overview of the legal and programmatic framework of historic preservation at the state and federal levels, and the unique aspects of working in a state historic preservation office. 

The Nevada SHPO offers skill development through internships in two areas:

Public Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management

The Nevada SHPO’s southern office in Las Vegas conducts semester-long internships for graduate and undergraduate students majoring in Anthropology, Historic Preservation, and History. This internship explores public archaeology and cultural resource management in a non-academic professional environment. Interns will have opportunities to meet federal and state archaeologists, participate in public outreach activities, and learn the basic skills needed to become a professional archaeologist. To learn more, click here.

National Register of Historic Places

The Nevada SHPO’s Carson City office occasionally offers internships for currently enrolled graduate students majoring in preservation-related fields (history, archaeology, architecture, planning, etc.). Opportunities here will explore how the National Register of Historic Places is integrated into multiple aspects of the nation’s historic preservation network. To learn more, click here.