Contact Us

Main Phone Number: 775-684-3448 and Main Email Inbox: shpo-info [at]


Main Office (all program areas):  

901 South Stewart, Suite 5004; Carson City NV 89701; 

Southern Nevada Office (Stewardship Program):  

4747 Vegas Drive; Las Vegas NV 89108; srubinson [at]

Comstock Historic District Commission / Comstock History Center:        

PO Box 128, 20 North “E” Street; Virginia City NV  89440; shpo-info [at]

                                           Staff List

Carolyn M. Furin, Administrative Assistant
775-684-3448 - Email: c.furin [at] 
Office Management, General Information


Rebecca L. Palmer, State Historic Preservation Officer 
775-684-3448 - Email: rlpalmer [at]
Administrator Diversity and Inclusion Liaison (DIL) 

Robin K. Reed, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
775-684-3448 - Email: rreed [at]
Review and Compliance, Historic Tax Incentives


Review and Compliance

Vacant, Architectural Historian 
775-684-3448 email: shpo-info [at]
Section 106 Reviews, Technical Reviews under NRS 383.121 

Lori Rayner, Archaeological Reviewer
775-684-3448 Email: shpo-info [at]
Section 106 Reviews, Education Outreach

Vacant, Archaeologist
775-684-3448 Email: shpo-info [at]
Section 106 Reviews


Other Programs

Jean-Guy Tanner Dubé, Architectural Historian
775-684-3439 and email: jean.dubé [at]
National and State Historic Registers, Certified Local Governments

Carla Cloud, Grants Manager
775-684-3448 - Email: ccloud [at]
CCCHP, HPF Subgrants, and Federal Grants to SHPO

Karyn de Dufour, Archaeologist
775-684-3448 - Email: kdedufour [at]
NVCRIS Program Manager, Survey and Inventory

Samantha Rubinson, Archaeologist
4747 W. Las Vegas Drive Las Vegas, NV 89108
702-486-5011 - Email: srubinson [at]
Site Stewardship Coordinator, Manager of Southern Nevada SHPO Office

Comstock Historic District

Kristen Brown, Comstock Preservation and History Officer
775-847-0281 - Email: knbrown [at]
Comstock Historic District, CCCHP Technical Advisor

Michael Sprinkle, History Center Attendant
775-847-0419 - Email: msprinkle [at]
Comstock History Center