Associated Forms

A number of different types of forms are typically included as part of the consultation effort associated with S. 106 and S. 110 compliance.  Cultural resources consultants are encouraged to inquire of their clients which forms are used by that land management agency or authority.  

While its use is not required, many folks find the Coversheet particularly useful in organizing their submissions and ensuring that it is complete and all aspects of their undertaking and associated decisions have been addressed.  This form is a MS Word "fillable" form into which agancies can directly enter most project information.  It is accompanied by a set of Coversheet Instructions that provide further explanation of each component of the Coversheet.

There are forms distinct to the documentation and evaluation of architectural and engineered features as well as those on which archaeological resources are recorded and evaluated--the latter are typically distinct to the federal land managing agency for which the work is being completed.  With very few exceptions, most agencies in Nevada record architectural resources on the Architectural Resource Assessment (or ARA) Form whereas archaeological resources tend to be recorded on a variety of agency-specific forms. 

Smithsonian trinomials (for archaeological resources) and SHPO Resource Numbers (for architectural and engineered features) are assigned by Nevada Cultural Resource Information System (NVCRIS) Coordinator Annie Hershey at ahershey [at]  Before completing and submitting IMACS, ARA, or other resource documentation, applicants and their consultants should secure those identifying numbers from Ms. Hershey.

 The assorted ARA Forms from which to chose are provided below and instructions on their use and the documentation of Nevada Architecture are contained in the Nevada Architectural Survey and Inventory Guidelines.

As noted above, in addition to the forms described here, some federal agencies have their own agency-specific documentation forms and numbering systems.  If uncertain what form to use--and whether there is an agency-specific form that one should be using--the SHPO refers the applicant and their consultant(s) back to their federal agency resolution of those questions.