Review and Compliance

A partner in assisting federal, state and local governments meet their historic preservation obligations.

Review and Compliance

The Nevada State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is a state agency created by the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) of 1966, as amended.  During the Covid-19 Emergency, we are still reviewing submissions. Guidance is here

The Review and Compliance staff work with some 38 federal agencies, state agencies and governmental divisions, municipalities, regional authorities, and private property owners to provide technical review and assist those parties in complying with federal law and regulation, state statutes and, in select instances, with regional planning ordinances.

As a service to state and local agencies conducting projects for which there is no federal nexus, the SHPO reviews projects for potential impacts to historic properties under the authority of state statutes.

The bulk of our work, however, assumes the form of consultation and review under the authority of Section 106 of the NHPA.  Section 106 in a nutshell

Please note: 

Submissions are reviewed in the order in which they are received in accordance with the time frames found in the existing regulations, agreement documents, or policy.  The SHPO, with a comparatively small review staff, regularly receives submissions from over 45 various federal agencies, local and Tribal governments, and other agencies.  

The SHPO is rarely able to accommodate requests for expedited reviews due to staffing and workload constraints.  It is strongly recommended that federal agencies ensure that they initiate the consultation process as early as possible to avoid any delays. 

Please keep in mind that the existing regulations and the guidance provided by the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation encourage early consultation with consulting parties so that a broad range of alternatives may be considered during the planning process for the undertaking [36 CFR § 800.1(c)]. Early initiation of consultation helps agencies avoid delays later in review and head off potential conflicts.

Effective June 1, 2021, the SHPO is not be able to accomodate any requests for expedited reviews due to limited staffing.   All reviews will occur within the timeframes established by regulations, statutes, or agreement documents. 


Requests for expedited reviews must be submitted in writing to Rebecca Palmer at rlpalmer [at] and include the completed form.   Incomplete forms and/or submissions to other SHPO employees or outside parties will result in a delayed review of the request.  The purpose of this form is to evaluate just how expeditiously the federal agency addressed their compliance responsibilities when they ask other consulting parties to expedite a review.  Significant delays of months or years between steps in the Section 106 process on the part of the federal agency will be considered in making a final decision and will frequently result in a denial of the request.  If this is a new undertaking that the SHPO has not previously reviewed, this request must also be accompanied by the Section 106 Coversheet as necessary.  Instructions for its completion can be found here.