Archaeological/Architectural Database - NVCRIS

According to NRS 383.021 and the National Historic Preservation Act Section 101 (C)(1)(c), the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) must keep an inventory of the state’s cultural resources to assist federal, state and local agencies in planning projects as to avoid impacts to important cultural resources.

The Nevada Cultural Resource Information System (NVCRIS) is a collection of online GIS database services that contain recorded archaeological and architectural resources and inventories for the state.  These services utilize 7.5' USGS base maps not property ownership records. 

PLEASE NOTE: NVCRIS does not contain specific information about known prehistoric or historic human burials. SHPO does not catalog information about discoveries of human burials in any database as they are not considered cultural resources.  Resources with traditional religious or cultural significance to Tribes are not entered into this database unless the tribal governments have previously approved their inclusion. 

There are two levels of access to the NVCRIS system: Restricted and Unrestricted. 

  • The Restricted NVCRIS service is available to those users who meet the Secretary of Interior's Standards for Archaeology, as the service contains privileged archaeological information.
  • Unrestricted NVCRIS contains non-sensitive architectural resources and inventories, as well as some archaeological inventory data. 

To request access to either NVCRIS service, please email nvcris [at] for application forms and subscription information.

NVCRIS subcription rates and services are located here: NVCRIS Subscription Information

Site and Resource Number Assignments

To request a Smithsonian trinomial or an architectural resource number, please read the following instructions and send your information to nvcris [at]

Site Assignment Instructions 


For paper-based archaeological records, contact our two cultural resource archives. Please be aware that these archives maintain their own fee schedules. For the most accurate costs, contact the archive directly. 

Northern Counties:

Nevada State Museum
Rachel Delovio
775-687-4810 ext. 229
rdelovio [at]

Southern Counties (Clark, Esmeralda, Lincoln, Nye, White Pine):

Southern Nevada Archaeological Archive at DRI
Jeffrey Wedding
snaa [at]

Architectural Archive:

NVSHPO is the repository for architectural records, which are stored in our architectural Annex.  While these records are available to those who request them, physcial access to the Annex is not open to the public.  If you wish to view original architectural records, please make arrangements with the NVCRIS Coordinator, who will pull the files.  Please note that fees may apply to make paper copies of these forms.