Commission for Cultural Centers and Historic Preservation (CCCHP)

The Commission for Cultural Centers and Historic Preservation (CCCHP) was established by state law (NRS 383) to advise the State on matters pertaining to the preservation and promotion of Nevada's cultural resources. The Commission is composed of representatives of the Nevada Humanities Committee, the Board of Museums and History, the Nevada Arts Council, the State Council on Libraries and Literacy, and the tourism industry.

The Commission awards financial assistance, made possible through the State's bonding program, to governmental entities and nonprofit organizations conducting projects that preserve and protect historic buildings used to develop a network of cultural centers and activities. Private property owners are not eligible.

Commission Members

Robert A. Ostrovsky, Chairman
Robert Stoldal
Patricia Olmstead
Judith Simon
Jennifer Satre
Gail Rappa

July 25, 2017 CCCHP Public Meeting Agenda   

          Supplemental Materials for July 25, 2017 Meeting      


List of Project Awarded Grants from 1993-2016

10-Year Plan

Economic Impact of CCA Grants to Communities