Certified Local Governments

The Certified Local Government (CLG) Program is a preservation partnership between local, state and national governments focused on promoting historic preservation at the grass roots level. The Program was initiated in 1980 when the National Historic Preservation Act was amended to provide for federal-state-local government preservation partnership. The purpose of the program is to strengthen local preservation programs and to allow increased participation in the national preservation program.

A community must show both the state and National Park Service that they are committed to historic preservation to become a CLG. To become a CLG, a unit of government must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have passed a local preservation ordinance that allows for the establishment of local districts; and
  2. Have adopted a qualified commission with design review authority; and
  3. Maintain a system for the survey and inventory of historic resources; and
  4. Provide for adequate public participation; and
  5. Meet all responsibilities designated to it under the National Historic Preservation Act

Nevada has four CLGs:

Carson City

Las Vegas


Storey County is also a CLG in partnership with the Comstock Historic District Commission.