Stewardship Upcoming Events

NSSP Event Schedule 2021

All of these events are hosted by the Nevada Site Stewardship Program or Nevadan's for Cultural Preservation  are designed entirely for Nevada site stewards.

All events will be held on Zoom until further notice

  • January 16th - Completed
  • March 27th - Full with a Waiting List 
  • June 5th - Open for Registration

  • January 20th - Leilani Lucas, College of Southern Nevada
  • February 17th - Jake Hickerson, BLM Basin and Range National Monument
  • March 17th - Jennifer Durk, BLM Las Vegas Field Office
  • April 21st - Alicia Jensen, BLM Sierra Front Field Office 
  • May 19th - Annette Neubert, BLM Red Rock National Conservation Area
  • June 16th - Nathan Harper, Springs Preserve 
  • July 21st - Barbara Roth, University of Nevada Las Vegas 
  • October 20th - Kalie Crews, USFS Carson Ranger District

  • January 22nd - Heidi Roberts, HRA Conservation Archaeology
  • February 19th - Dan Broockmann, BLM Tuscarora Field Office 
  • March 12th - Barbara Roth, University of Nevada Las Vegas 
  • April 10th - Kara Jones, MA University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • May 14th - Justin de Maio, Bureau of Reclaimation 
  • June 12th - Jannie Loubser, Rock Art Specialist, Stratum Unlimited LLC 
  • July 16th - Virginia Lucas, Lost City Museum 
  • August 20th - Karen Harry, University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • September 24th - Erin Eichenberg, Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument
  • November 6th - Harry Konwin, BLM Caliente Field Office

If you would like to attend, please contact Samantha Rubinson at (702)486-5011 or email srubinson[@]